Enterprise Architecture Establishment

We help you to establish an Enterprise Architecture practice in your organisation. This includes:

  1. Define and set up the IT Architecture Organisation Structure
  2. Design IT Architecture Operation Model
  3. Select EA framework, development approach and supporting tools
  4. Define Architecture Governance Approach and processes
  5. Develop EA Communication Plan

Once established, your EA group will provide valuable services to your organisation.

Architecture Blueprint

We provide you with enterprise architecture models and frameworks to be used as reference models for building business solutions. The main stages of EA model development include business visioning, current state analysis covering business, application, data, technology, future state development, gap analysis and implementation plan.

IT Strategic Planning

Our IT Strategic Planning service assists you with the development of strategic IT plan and business unit IT plans. We will identify IT initiatives required to support your future business needs. The interdependencies mapping between business strategies and IT initiatives help business IT alignment and IT investments prioritisation.

Application Portfolio Analysis

Our Application Portfolio Analysis service evaluates your applications’ business value and technical condition to determine whether an application should be evloved, modernised, repositioned or retired. This will help you to manage IT asset life cycle and align IT spending with business needs.

IT Standards

We help you to establish IT standards, covering products & life cycle, deployment models, Industry standards & protocols, patterns, and techniques. These technology standards will sustain the delivery, implementation and support of IT across your organisation.