Art of Enterprise Architecture 1

If you survey job titles for architects, you will find many interesting titles, like Java Architect, Storage Architect, Middleware Architect, etc. Basically you can add ?architect’ at the end of any IT role. This group of architects are specialists in their own field and they are very technology focused. They are not responsible for enterprise architecture. Their main concern is their own domain. They don’t even have to know what’s happening in the other part of the company. [Read More]

Enterprise Architecture as Strategy

Many companies treat Enterprise Architecture and Strategy as two distinct disciplines. Each team develops their own deliverables with minimum interaction. This results in a disconnect between strategy and architecture. Strategies are seldom executed and architecture cannot achieve the business goals. Strategy refers to a plan of action designed to achieve a particular goal. To build a plan, we need to know what we want for the future, the current situation, the gap and how we can get there. [Read More]

Manage Enterprise Applications using Application Portfolio Analysis

Do you know how many applications are running in your company? Do you know how much money are being put into keep end of life applications running? Do you know whether your users are happy with your applications? These are basic IT health check questions. However, most IT support cannot give you the answer straight away. You are lucky to get an answer within a week’s time, especially in a big company. [Read More]